Greg Fendis, the Corporate Founder and CEO of KOSMO ENERGY, is a senior business executive specialising in the global development of businesses and thrives working in dynamic organisations.

His extensive experience within the Information Technology, Internet Networks and the Telecommunications Industries spans over 35 years with responsibilities ranging from General Management, Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Strategic Planning, Engineering, Customer Services, Product Management and Manufacturing.

His thorough understanding of Telecommunications Networks, Data Systems, Smart Card Technologies, Software Integration, Medical Electronics, Digital Imaging, Biometrics and the Internet has placed him at the forefront of business solutions.

Greg is actively involved in the development, introduction and application of technology into Australia and overseas countries. His professional mission is to bridge the gap between leading edge technology and innovative business ideas.

The idea of clean, efficient and abundant energy delivered by an online hosted 'Energy as a Service' (EaaS) platform motivated Greg to create Kosmo Energy.

The highly visible and data centric platform provides economic benefits that can be monetised as investment opportunities. Distributed renewable energy sources create sustainable economical opportunities for buyers and sellers on the EaaS platform. Community investors are linked with quality renewable energy projects. As the energy project produces clean renewable energy it generates revenue by selling power to the end-user (Community, SME, Corporate, Industry etc). As the project earns revenue, investors are paid back with interest.

To track and identify all energy based transactions the EaaS platform incorporates smart contracts based on blockchain technology.

Each new energy generation project contributes to the bottom line of the installation company, creates local jobs and boosts Australia's clean energy sector. Investors can feel a sense of ownership and monitor how their system is performing as well as getting a reliable income stream.

The online platform provides products, services including:
- Customer Relationships
- Business accounts
- Energy investments
- Energy products, projects and services
- EaaS monitoring and control
- EaaS tools and education material

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